Muck Boots and Humane Society U.S.


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Just got a call from someone on face book. He said there is conversation that Muck Boot Co. is a supporter of the Humane Society. I'm not on face book, so I have no other info.
That's because dead men tell no tales...........but where do the stories come from I wonder?
I think a lot of companies put their social networking/marketing in the hands of young men and women because they are perceived as being good at it. In this case, I would like to believe that it's a simple mistake, an uninformed 20 something that doesn't know who the HSUS is, heard that the donations were going to the Humane Society and then tagged the HSUS instead of the other place. I can't believe the brass at Muck would be dumb enough to do something like this, I'm pretty sure they're aware of who they're selling boots to.

Muck boots are awesome, as long as they handle this right I won't stop buying them.
They've handled it poorly so far. My point is that the management possibly if not probably had nothing to do with the original post or making sure it was accurate. My company has a FB page and I have no idea who runs it, I believe it's ran by a company whose only job is to get our shop on the first page of Google. If one of their employees decided to post on our FB that my shop hates poodles and birthday cake there would be nothing I could do about it until after the damage was done. If Muck put one of their 22 year old "Let me take a selfie" chicks in charge of their FB I could see this whole thing happening quite easily.

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