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5 year old buck +
I always wanted to own some land ever since I was a little boy playing and hunting and fishing on my grandpa's land.

I have never had much money, but in my mind I knew if I started small and young that I could make it happen.
I bought my first little 5 acres when I was 19. It was next door to my grandpa's land.
Two years later after I got it paid for, they was splitting up my grandpa's place after his death, and I bought 15 acres from my uncle.
I was proud to have some of the land that grandpa worked hard to get and farm!

Fast forward 3 boys and over a decade later ,I get to buy the adjoining 20 acres.
I finally had enough land to get out of a hunting club membership and start hunting on my on land. I figured this and the 30 something acres my dad has that was next to mine was about all we would be getting for a long time.That was about four years ago.

Well....Friday evening two weeks ago my other uncle called me wanting to know if I was interested in buying his 15 acres. I worked it out and got it done tuesday evening this week.

This may not be much land to some of you, but I'm proud of every inch of it.

We have finally got a nice little chunk to enjoy!
Even if you have to start very can happen!
Land ownership is a great felling!
Don't matter if it's only a small chunk like's still a great feeling!

I have part of my Grandfather's farm that he bought in 1917.
Congratulations huntall, Owning your own land gives you a good feeling. Years ago owning land meant you were a person of substance.

I have part of my Grandfather's farm that he bought in 1917.
I will have to look into how long ago it was when my grandpa bought this farm. now i have half of it and my dad has the other half.
Thats great! You made it happen one chunk at a time:) Todays world stacks the odds against you as far as making yourself financially able to purchase land. It takes self discipline to keep your dept to income ratio in order. For that I commend you! I too dreamed of land ownership since I was a little boy and told myself nothing would come between me an that goal! I was lucky to have my inlaws as partner making it more easily attainable
Congrats! That has got to be a great feeling, especially since it has been in your family for a good bit of time.
Great story.
Huntall . That's awesome you can keep the family land together. My family sold the original homestead of my great grandfathers before I was old enough to have my opinion heard. My dad has kicked him self for decades. I tried to buy it back from the guy who purchased it. He told me some thing that is now burned into my brain. "I want my kids and grand kids to always have a place to hunt" Congrats !!!!!
I just literally got done writing all day long. the brain in beyond numb, the wife will be home soon and I decided to see if there was anything interesting here....You just made my day. That is so flipping awesome! Thanks for sharing.
I will have to look into how long ago it was when my grandpa bought this farm. now i have half of it and my dad has the other half.
wow........i just talked to mom, and she was born in 1942 and my great grandpa actually bought half of the land maybe about 1910.Then my grandpa bought the other half as soon as he was old enough to start working(maybe 1925-1930.
This is just her memory, but she said she thought it may have even been my great,great grandpa that bought the first half , and she was thinking it may have gone back before 1900.
I'm going to have to do some talking to my 2 uncle's to see what they say.
Thanks for your congrats and responses!
My 11 year old boy is already telling me what size land and what size lake he is going to put on it after he buys his
Congrats on adding acres!

So fun and rewarding to own land.
Congrats! It is a good feeling! My dad sold 40 acres about 4 years ago when my brother and I couldn't afford it. It was hard to see that go, but he was able to hold onto the rest of it for us to buy.
Congrats ownership does give one a good feeling. Mtself I have 40 cares but it's everything to me & the wife.
Just wanted to echo what everyone else has said. Owning your our land is a wonderful thing. Part of my 66 acres belonged to my grandfather and the rest is ground that I roamed over growing up.
Land ownership is a great felling!

Great story. Congrats! I'm thrilled for you.

I had a good laugh at your misspelling. Not because of your misspelling but because it makes a PEFECT pun for us land stewards who use chainsaws and TSI to meet our management objectives. It would make a great title for a book.
Glad you got the pieces put back together. Nice. Enjoy! :)
Congrats! It's an amazing feeling.

I was lucky enough to buy 20 acres from my uncle back in March. The land has been in our family over 100 years, it's adjacent to my dad's 20 which is adjacent to my grandpa's 120.

Post some pics when you get time!
I've lived in a apartment ever since I left home. When my brother and I got our 40, i felt like I went from peasant to king with the stroke of a pen. Wonderful feeling.