I'm the new guy


5 year old buck +
Hey guys,

I got invited over here yesterday by Stuart Smith. Think I found a new home to talk deer hunting. Very sick of the complacency of the hunters in MN. Cant stand wolves, DNR, meathogs, and guys that will kill anything cause the DNR allows it. Interested in getting deer to live on my land all year round and not just for a couple days during rifle season. I will probably piss some of you off along the way, but its only cause I care about the future of hunting here in MN and would like to see it dramatically improved.

Good to be here.
Hello...from Wisconsin
Where in mn u at? You drink beer?

And welcome!

I like this guy already. Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the fun side! :)

Oh yes. Years ago. Loll.

Cant speak facts there without mods taking exception to it.

For the life of me i cant begin to understand the complacency of so many over there. Holy shit.... see you can even swear here. Lolll
Welcome from Wisconsin this is a great site sit down hold on & enjoy the ride.
I doubt your gonna a piss anyone off here, most of us have thick skin
Welcome Buck.
Think you just made a friend with MBC :eek::D

Did he ever!:D
Welcome from a fellow 172 hunter!
Not from Minn. - Pa. here. It's good to hear from another man that wants the future of deer hunting to get better. Anyone who calls out " meathogs " for what they are is O.K. by me. Great site here - you'll like it, I'm sure. Welcome. Way to recruit Stu !!!
beer for breakfast....i think you'll fit in around here.