Don't Be Stupid


5 year old buck +
One of my employees is off today because she spent the night in the ER with her BF. He committed the cardinal sin of starting his tractor from the ground thinking it was in neutral. Needless to say, it ran over him. Luckily he is just bruised up bad. Lucky he is young. Since he works large construction equipment, he should've know better and he is a farm boy so double the reason. I know he was probably tired from putting up hay all week in addition to working long hours, but sometimes we all think we are invincible. Could've been worse.

Anything with a motor is just waiting for a chance to jump up and bite you and best if you always think that way. Tractors are not toys, even if they do drive like lawnmowers these days, and the equipment we use is dangerous stuff. In addition, we often are working alone. If you have ever seen the override switch that keeps a tractor from starting, you would never trust such a piece of junk. Be careful.
Yea Mo you are right. Guilty as charged. Kinda like tying a sled to back of a car to see how fast we could go before getting thrown off. Hope I've gotten a little smarter. Most of us look at an accident we are in and wonder what the devil we were thinking…. or not thinking. Luckily this boy is doing fine and will miss just 3 days of work, but knowing his GF as I do, I'm sure he will get an ass chewin when he gets better.
He's lucky he wasn't hurt more. I'm sure we all are guilty of not doing thinks safely at times. Sometimes we just need a reminder.