A Visit from Yogi...........or maybe Boo Boo


5 year old buck +
A bear paid me a visit last night.

This is an old MacIntosh I planted back in the mid-80's before I knew anything about apple trees. It's planted in a frost pocket with too much shade but somehow produces a few apples most years.
After it did it's damage it didn't even clean up the apples. a pair of does were munching them in when I walked around the bend in the trail.

The claw marks weren't long or deep so was probably a small bear.

This tree is located at the southern end of my Back40 luckily most of my young trees are planted in the northern end.
Wow, what a mess. I feel for you man. Something like that would be hard to stomach. Are you going bear hunting this year?:)
This is the 6th apple tree that the bears have "pruned" for me over the years. Haven't lost any yet but some are a little "misshapened" :(.
From the looks of the older scars in that pic, this tree is a frequent victim!