60 acres 800/acre

West Branch

5 year old buck +
Our neighbor is selling 60 acres that borders our farm. We have 600 acres of private land and also public land with limited access that would mean you would be next to over 700 acres being managed for deer hunting if you bought this place. We would like to have a good neighbor.

There is deer, turkey, grouse, bear, and duck hunting. The duck pond could use some work. There are wolves around as well.

I put up this craiglist ad for the neighbor since he isn't big on computers.


Let me know if you have questions on it!
There's no neighbor like yourself. That is a pretty good deal no matter where it's located.
You have an opportunity to buy land that borders yours..........and your not buying it?

Just bought land a year ago and my brother bought the rest of the farm a couple months ago. Just don't have the $$ for more right now. I tried to talk the owner into waiting a bit longer but it wasn't going to happen.

And there are to other properties that may go for sale in the next couple years that are a bit better so I would hate to be tied up with this one and let those go...
Hope the, "its brown its down" crew doesn't move in then! Good luck!

I know it! This place could easily become over pressured if it is one of those places that a few guys buy into and hunt. They could easily end up chasing the deer out onto the places we hunt. If hunted by 1-2 guys in good conditions I think it could be pretty good. Lots of thick willow, alders, reed canary and cattails. Tamarack and black spruce should be planted in quite a few places since it is a bit wetter.

The current owner pretty much only hunted it late season muzzle loader when he wanted a doe for some venison since he had other land to hunt. He is one of those big woods type hunters that does a lot of still hunting and it works well for him!
This is going to sound counterintuitive, but, if I'm you, I don't want anyone like us buying the place. I want a groups of "brown it's down" hunters buying it. they don't scare me. In fact, when talking land the size you already have, they're my best friends. Sure, on the odd ball year they'll accidentally kill something I either REALLY wanted saved another year or two or a buck I wanted to kill. Still, far more years than not they won't hurt me and will push the majority of deer on their property to mine, where I have far more control over who lives and dies (obviously not complete control, but way more than when they are on the neighbors).

Flip side, people like "us," the "good" hunters, well, they make me nervous. They're the ones that generally won't drive all over their place swapping chips before they hunt it...or drive the ATV to their stands or ignore wind direction or climb into the same burnt out stand day after day, hoping this will be the day a deer messes up and steps into their crosshairs. As long as they stay on their ground, "bad" hunting neighbors are typically my best friends, where as the "good" hunting neighbors are the ones that have a much more negative impact on my goals.

Now, one can argue either side of that when we're talking a 40 acre piece that I control vrs a 500 acre+. However, I'd still take the "bad" hunters more often than not (the exception is when the property I control isn't well suited for "holding" deer and is more of a pass through property). I can generally use them to help accomplish my goals better than the "good" hunters.
Steve make's a good point. Property size has a lot to do with it.
Despite all I said earlier, I'd have a hard time not agreeing with MO. If a person can swing it and it doesn't come at the expense of something more important, buy the thing and it's very doubtful you'll ever regret doing so.
If a person plans on staying with his original land purchase, it would not be a good Idea to let a joining parcel of land slip through your fingers...... and at that price! You may only get one shot in your lifetime to purchase joining land. Not only, would you get control for hunting, you get control over what is done with that land. That can be very important if trying to retain your land value for the future. Who knows what the new buyers will do with that land. Turn it into a dump, gravel pit with an asphalt plant burning all summer, Moto Cross track, Nudist Colony. Who knows, what they can come up with to drive your adjoining land price down! Just sayin!

Edit: It may turn out to be one of the most expensive pieces of property you will ever not own if the wrong guy moves in!

Nudist colony? That would make for some interesting bow hunts!! Bring the Nikons!
Anybody want to go in halves with me? We can put in about 20k each and get the place. Build some trails and open it up to the public as a 24/7/365 ATV park. When West Branch approaches us in a couple months after finding money to purchase the place we sell for 100k and walk away with a smile. Just kidding of course. But on a serious note I'd find a way to buy an adjoining parcel like that, especially for such a great price.
Nov 15 last season, last day of archery before rifle. I'm in a stand I don't get to hunt much because it requires a straight wind out of the south. It's on the edge of thick brushy transition area before a small hidden plot and I have pics of a monster using the area.

The only problem is it's about 80 yards from the line.

4:00 PM my adrenaline is starting because I know its today. 4:05 PM two 4 wheelers dragging two ladder stands come down the fence line. I sat for 10 minutes while they stopped and yelled back and forth about which tree would be the perfect spot for the next mornings rifle opener. I was back at the house before dark.

Steve is correct I had no doubt the buck I was after was quite safe from that neighbor and there was satisfaction in that.

But if it ever goes for sale I'll own it.
How is the hunting up there? Seems cheap enough to buy and sit on for a few years.
How is the hunting up there? Seems cheap enough to buy and sit on for a few years.

The last two winters were rough but the area is in a better pocket of deer numbers due to there being some ag around. There is big woods to the north, west and south west. Here is a link to another map of the area with the property lines. The drop down menu on the top left has topo maps options as well. The topos show how much of it is wetlands as well.

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Looks like a pretty high percentage of wetlands.....no?
Looks like a pretty high percentage of wetlands.....no?

Agree, I took a look at the topo and it appears as mostly low land. Low land in that area should be valued pretty low.
Yup a lot of wetlands. Close to 30 acres if I remember right. The pond area is about 18 of it.