NW WI, new property

I would put up an electric fence around the soybeans and/or broadcast wheat or something green that will grow just as leaves are starting to fall.You can also check around to see what switch will grow in that area just remember you will want to burn it so maybe plan firebreak from clover or something.You could do fruit trees with clover in that small plot but fruit trees aren't usually late enough to produce through season.Pears are alot easier if you can find one for that zone
How did gun season go for you guys? My dad and I hunted my Rusk County property and never saw a buck all gun season. We saw quite a few does though, which was good to see. Hopefully this winter is mild and the predators leave the fawns alone this coming spring
It was a slow year for our camp as well, but we had wolves in the area, and they dont coexist well.
Slow year for us as well. We saw a lot of movement on the trail cameras the week before the season opened, but only saw a couple of young bucks during the season. Sounds like the harvest was down across most of the state.
Very slow year for us too. For whatever reason, I think the deer transitioned to "winter" mode, more quickly than a lot of other years. They go a long ways to clearcuts. The northern deer could be in for a long winter!
We took two does and a smaller buck out of the forest legacy lands NW of you up by the flowage/dam. The buck came off stand the does from little drives we did later in the week but it was slow - I never cut a wolf track the last weekend and I dont think they saw any tracks the whole season. Deer were thin - not much for sign and we cover a lot of that legacy land. Very little in the way of shots being fired - almost none. Back home in dunn county it was pretty quite too - my deer numbers where way down. I have logging actively going on now post gun deer and they are coming in for the tops.