16 inch Crappie in MN


5 year old buck +
I saw Steve was in search of the 15 inch crappie. I found one a few weeks ago that went 16 inches.

Going on the wall, and it weighed close to 3 pounds


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Another picture on the ruler


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I was using a 1/8 ounce jig with a fathead. Fishing for walleyes--- caught it in 5 feet of water.
Way to go! Biggest I have seen was 2 and a quarter pounds.
That is a nice fish. Congrats, I have put a couple fish on the wall after I gave up holding the space for a buck mount. They always bring a smile to my face when I look at them.
I have caught tons of big ones in my life, but I can't break the 15 inch barrier. Biggest was 14 63/64 of an inch. No matter how much I pinched that tail, it would not make 15. My dad lost the first crappie in our favorite lake last year that was close to 16 inches. It was right at the boat and was just about to net it. It was huge.
Dang nice slab there. Definitely a wall-hanger.
Nice fish! What lake did that come out of? (I see they are biting on thumbs again. ;) )
It's a lake in The Alexandria-Glenwood area