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Any 25-06 fans??

Natty Bumppo

5 year old buck +
I'll take ALL input - on other calibers as well. Hunting rifles is a GOOD topic - no matter the caliber!!

Hey Bows...when I was in the military, one of my civilian bosses was a typical southern VA gentleman deer hunter. He was pushing retirement, and for some reason, when I showed up in the late 80's...as a scrawny, 19 year old yankee...he took a liking to me and took me under his wing. His name was Jack Appleby. There were other guys already stationed at Langley AFB in VA who were keen to get on his good side, as he had a deer camp in the mountains...near Monterey, VA I recall? Well, I got the invite one season before the other dudes, and man where they jealous. Jack swore by the .257 Roberts and killed deer every year with it. Kind of an outdated and obsolete caliber, but when I got out I bought a Ruger 77 in .257 Roberts jus to kind of honor Appleby and the many lessons he taught me. Great coyote rifle. Perfect for deer. Very little recoil...the .25-06's less powerful cousin.
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5 year old buck +
We have used the 25-06 for close to 40 years and killed a pile of deer with it. I used it on quite a few woodchucks when I was a kid also. I always shot 117 grain Sierras for deer because they shot in my rifle, my buddy shoots 100 grain ballistic tips. I believe there are both 100 and a 115 grain partitions which would probably be right up your alley. For deer and coyotes it is hard to beat IMO.


5 year old buck +
I've read about the .257 Roberts in numerous articles by a long-time gun columnist in the Pennsylvania Game News magazine. He and others praised that caliber for multiple game species.

I came to use Federal ammo which had Nosler Partitions in .270, after Remington ammo had a span of faulty ammo back around 1978 to 1982. After seeing what Nosler Partitions did to deer in Pa., I took those loads to hunt some big-bodied Maine deer. Dropped them like stones. I haven't used another bullet since. My sons use Partitions in their deer rifles too. I like ballistic tips for groundhogs in .222.

ALL input welcome!! Keep 'em coming.


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I have an older M77 Ruger and my dad has a Tikka. Both shoot 110 Accubonds very well. In the past 5 years I have used in more and more with great results. I believe we have shot at 2 bucks and 3 does. All 5 went a max of 20 yards after being hit.

I'm a believer on the quarter bore.


5 year old buck +
I'm looking into a 25-06 for a bit of a lighter load for yotes as well as deer. There's no necessity to buy another rifle .............. but why not??? I've got several other calibers - I just was looking for a mid-range caliber & the ballistics seem good.

I'll take ALL input - on other calibers as well. Hunting rifles is a GOOD topic - no matter the caliber!!
I have a 25-06 Weather Vanguard 2. I've only owned it for less than 10 years, but I bought it new. Out of 30 deer kills only one went further than 50 yards and over half dropped in their tracks. I love how it shoots and I'll happily endorse it to anyone who stops and listens, but my gun-buying philosophy is completely opposite from most people's. I prefer to own the fewest guns necessary, to purchase key calibers, know them well, shoot them only as needed, and never miss. I want calibers that are Jack of Two Trades and (with different bullets) Master of Both. I chose 25-06 because it was the next higher common caliber size up from 243 and makes a better-than-decent varmint gun for those times that 17 HMR won't cut it. I have an unfounded grudge against 243 as a slightly wimpy round so I liked the 25-06 as a 270-Lite. PPU 90 grain shoots really well in my gun and I've used it for all but the first 2 deer. Hornady Superformance 117 gr on a big VA buck broadside at 20 yards left shrapnel throughout the front quarters and I haven't used it since.
So far I've been thriving with a 12 gauge shotgun, 17HMR, 25-06, and maybe someday a 300 Win Mag if I hunt the west. Or maybe a 7MM Rem Mag. We'll see. It'll almost certainly be another Vanguard Series 2. Backfire's "8-guns under $750 review" felt like an excellent validation of what I thought I knew about this gun.


5 year old buck +
I like 25-06 for hunting just fine it’s not my first choice for ringing steel however because there isn’t much in the way of bullet choices for my purposes but it’s a fine hunting caliber.