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12X16 log park type shelter


A good 3 year old buck
OK, dug a trench, laid some 1" gray PVC conduit, used an "inlet" plug/box as a junction box and will tie shelter power into cabin. Cabin is fed via the generator inlet cord.

Trenching was a breeze, I bought one of those electric jackhammers with the wide chisel bit, busted right though the hard packed surface. The trench went fast, will pull #10AWG THHN wire, red, black, white and green, will install a small subpanel at shelter, a 15A for lighting and 2 ceiling fans and will also add a few outlets too.

The fans will keep air moving and keep the bugs away in the evening as the sun goes down and the lights come on.
I brought the conduit in behind the front post, wouldn't look right looking at the structure from the front and seeing the conduit.
I have a 100 foot Klein fiberglass fish tape, will pull the wire in next spring and trim it all out.

Now will start to collect supplies to wire it all up, ie boxes, conduit, ceilign fan (outdoor type)


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