Would You Go On A Free High Fence Hunt?



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I would go for the experience, but if it didn't feel like "hunting" (too easy), I would just observe the deer and keep my arrow nocked or gun on safety.
I wouldn't either. no way.
Probably not. It would depend on the circumstances. If it was a nice lodge experience where you got to get away for a few days with all meals included I might think about it. If it were simply show up in your truck and they walk you to your stand – not a chance.
I have been on a free high fence hunt in south Texas on 3500 high fenced acres. The landowner even purchased my tags for me. It was a neat experience but wouldn't have gone on my own without the invite for free. Shot a buck and doe with my Black Widow recurve and a management buck with my rifle. This hunt was back in the mid 90's. I can tell you the deer there were spookier than any I had encountered up to that date as they hunt it every week throughout the hunting season and the deer had seen it all...

Mine was the nice lodge, hot tub, meals experience...
I would if it was something like OkieKubota described, a large number of acres (3500 acres is over 5 square miles) and where the deer are born and raised there without human interference.

If it was a smaller acreage and the deer are raised in even smaller pens and then released into the "shooting" pen I would not.
It would depend. I would ask alot of questions first. I would not go if I felt I was supporting a place that was essentially shooting pets in pens. If I felt the place was essentially giving the deer at least a chance - then I would consider going. I would consider it because I have never done it and it may, MAY, change my attitude about SOME of these operations. It would all be about the experiance - and I would try to remain as open minded as possble.
no........unless I was struggling to put food on the table by any other means.
I wouldn't consider it for even a second. No.
It would have to be a VERY large ranch for me to be interested. I wouldn't pay though it would have to be free :) if I was gonna drop big money on a hunt it would be a fair chase Colorado elk hunt
No, I would rather have to buy beef.
Today, no!

If I live enough to become weak and feeble, maybe, if was the last chance I was ever getting. Circumstances have a way changing attitudes so I won't take the staunch no, that I feel I should.
If it was a Buffalo hunt yes, as long as I could keep the meat!!!

Great stuff
If it was a Buffalo hunt yes, as long as I could keep the meat!!!

Great stuff
I'm with you on the buffalo hunt. If anybody wants to buy me a buffalo that I can eat, count me in. But a semi-tame 220" buck wouldn't do anything for me.
If it were exotics, yep. Whitetails, nope.
I would do it for free as long as I didn't have to burn my regular season tag. If it meant that I couldn't hunt wild whitetails that yr I would pass.
Most people that have places to hunt would not do it unless its free. The other half that have no land to hunt and spend all kinds of money to see no deer or baby deer at most on state land take advantage of great places to hunt that are safe and have great animals. There are many ways different people enjoy hunting.

I myself cant stand running trail cams on my 800 acres because i like to keep it more old style. In todays world with all the thrills and whistles with high powered weapons and such alot of the "Hunting" is gone. I will also say i have been to many high fence places and can say its alot easier to hunt my land than those high fence ranches. Yes i also believe there should be a set limit of acreage behind fence before any harvests should be allowed. Some places are just to small or the lay of the land does not fit the bill