Wood frame cultipacker



Just wanted to post my cultipacker build since I spent a lot of time looking at other people's pictures on various forums.

Had to make the frame out of wood - no welding equipment. But at least the wood adds more weight.

Used the following:
Agri Supply cultipacker wheels and pillow block bearings
Rockwell American axle/tires
Harbor Freight tow hitch
Custom 12" u-bolts (from truck spring shop)
5' hot roll 1 3/4" rod - metal shop couldn't find a scrap cold roll rod - cost was $14 vs $130, too

I ran one end of the axle u-bolt through one side of the pillow block bearing on the other side, in order to keep the trailer axle close to the cultipacker axle. It's pretty easy to flip over.

Probably have about $650 in it. It works great. The only thing I might change is to replace the ball hitch with a pin hitch - kind of a pain to flip the current hitch, but it's not like I'm using it that often anyway.

culitpacker1.jpg cultipacker2.jpg cultipacker3.jpg
Looks like high-quality work right there! Pretty ingenious use of wood.
I like it !! Not everyone can weld - Looks nice and heavy
Looks good. No reason why it shouldn't last a long time. If for some reason it doesn't hold up you can always bolt together a metal frame one. Mine started life 10' wide I made it about 5'.
Looks good. I can't weld either. I like the detach mounts !
Where can one get the 'hitch kit' for a wood frame.

Working on a wood frame CC roller.
I got my tow bar hitch from Harbor Freight - http://www.harborfreight.com/5000-lb-capacity-adjustable-tow-bar-94696.html

The only problem is these are the type of tow bars that you mount to a car/jeep bumper - so they move up and down at the attachment points to account for different heights between the towed vehicle and the towing vehicle.

So, for my cultipacker, I had to add that black iron pipe to keep the cultipacker from dragging the ground when attached to the ATV. I just drilled a hole at the end of the pipe, removed one of the existing bolts from the hitch, and inserted a new bolt with a wing nut. To flip the tow bar, I have to remove the bolt/wing nut and the two tow bar pins: