The Jury has spoken ...the results are in-bound


5 year old buck +
A big thanks to everyone who contributed thoughts to the adjustable lift arms thread as I have made the move ..I just ordered a green pair of class II Pat's Quick Hitch ..

I settled on the Pat's system for several reasons ..the main one being with Pat's there is no frame in the way while hooking up a PTO which with rebuilt shoulders is a real game changer

Plus I inventoried my 5 main attachments (all CAT II) and I can set my arm spacing on the inside to inside of 32.75" and never move it again ...gee will I be so sad not to unlock and turn turn buckles every time I back up to something ...NOT

One last thing that I knew but had forgotten it I watched YouTube vids on all the various quick hitch ideas I was reminded of the old rubber tarp strap trick of tarp strapping the arms together to keep them at a set opening measurement so up hill, down hill, side of a hill the arms will stay centered and spaced in my case 32'75 inches fits all ..yahoooo!

Mine is coming with an adjustable spacer bar but it really is only to set up the first time the lift arm spacing ..Or as in my case I have a narrow mower for woods use when I do prescribed burns and is a CAT I only and I have an old disc also narrow CAT I to do woods fire breaks with so the adjustable spacer will have two "notches" on it for CAT I & II then the spacer will stay in the shop.

Good choice. After using them for a few times, post your results and impressions.