Wisconsin DNR buying native tree seeds

IN DNR does this every year - I have never collcted any for them - I get them for me and for those on the forums that want a few. My DNR then uses these to grow the saplings they sell in a year or so.
Kabic - Thanks for posting the link!...:cool:
What do they pay? I didn't see mention of a price list.
$70/bu is not much considering the labor it'd take to get that. I wonder how that compares with the $.20-.25 a nut they've been known to sell for on that other site?

I have a "nut wizard" new for this year. I got it for collecting brass while shooting, but it's made for this task.
$70 * 100 = 7000
7000 / 20 = 350 acorns

I'm guessing there are many more than 350 acorns in a bushel.

My friend Google tells me there are 2,150 cubic inches in a bushel....

As I said, you wont get rich doing this...

I just looked at the "nut wizard" I bet you could pick up a bunch of acorns fast with one of those.
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It's a pretty slick device. Even comes with a bucket edge mounted unloader. You don't have to bend over at all.
The dnr has become more profit orientated the last couple years. Screw them