Wild plum germination?

Lee hall

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My dad transplanted a couple wild plums in his yard. It makes thousands of plums. Hundreds of plum trees pop up every year. I would love to excavate the seedlings but I'd end up digging up the yard. Have any of you direct seeded native plum with any success. I would assume that I would possibly lose 90% but it wouldn't take a lot of effort with a tarp and bucket.


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Wait for a soaking rain and pull away. I did this with some white pine. They pulled right out and I replanted them.


Plums are one of the few nuts I've had luck scattering, and germinating. I have planted them into a worked up soil with rye. Even ran the disc over the area once after planting, and culti packed. The following spring I planted my spruce into the rye. This is how all my new spruce are established.
Germination was good, a four foot tree tube won't protect them if you have too many deer.


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I have a complicated method. Eat the plum, spit the seed on the ground, and step on it.

Tuesday, I dug some root stopck suckers forma domestic plum. I assume they are wild plum. I dug the first few, but then just turned the sod and pulled out the plum with a chunk of root. Planted them with some root gel. I have done this other years with pretty good success.

You can just push the sod back in the hole where you dug the root sucker.


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I've planted gallons of wild plums that I collected in my yard, I would just walk around with a bucket of plums and bury them under an inch of soil and repeat. I have no idea what my germination success was, but I do know that there are lots of young plum trees growing in the areas I planted the plums.