White grubs in nursery setting... Will they be a damage concern?

Turkey Creek

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Maya this is probably geared more to you. I have white grubs in my nursery soil, same as the white grubs that cause damage to turf grass roots. Will they be a damage threat to my fruit tree roots on my grafts? I could treat them, but if I dont need to I will save my money. Plus it will kill off all the earth worms that I think are beneficial to good soil health.

Any other insect or disease pests that could potentially be an issue for extremely young trees?

Well I've been using the search function, and maybe this is as good a place as any. I've been losing what has appeared to be otherwise healthy tree grafts. It seems the rootstocks have been failing. Today I pulled out 10 of the dead ones, and almost all of them had a white grub attached to them. I think I've found my culprit, and wish I would've started pulling them a few weeks ago... might've saved a few more. My question -- what can I apply to the soil right now to kill these bastages? Real new to this, so don't know a whole lot about insecticides. I do own some Imidan, Tempo, Malathion, and Sevin dust. Will any of those help or should I head to Rural King and look for grub products? Thanks!!
You know I never treated mine and still have a random grub or 2. Cant say I have lost many if any trees from grubs looking back though. Not saying it isnt a problem for you. I would think the regular lawn grub chemicals would work. Just read the label before buying. I dont think you are supposed to use it around producing trees but obviously that is not our situation.