Where to buy Apple Trees...

UP Powers

5 year old buck +
I have not ordered one thing this year to plant. I have been so busy with work and traveling it's been crazy. Well, I decided I need to expand my orchard that I have fenced. I have a wide collection inside of the orchard, Honey Crisp, Liberty, what ever my kids pointed at on the order sheet. Where should I order and they have stock?? Wallace????
Maybe Maya can sell you a few trees George can you help him?
Thanks Aero, sold out. UP, just call around and see who has what, or at least order now for next year.
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Wow congrats George!!
This is what happens when u r working 6 days and week. I see lots from the 35000 feet, my own fault. I think I am gonna call Tom up at Wallace Woodstock.
How many trees are you looking to get and what are you willing to pay. There is a woman near me that sells trees by the single for 15 bucks (last year price) and she gets most from Adams county Nursery or Boyer Nursery which is near ACN

Those were a couple of the nursery/orchards we toured when we were down there last summer Pual. Man they are something! This is at ACN's. DSCN2057.JPG
Yes George it's a great area for apples and apple trees. A few supply places for orchardists also
This is Boyer's. Crappy pic, it doesn't do it justice. They grow there trees horizontally across these beautiful hillsides. It's so steep in areas that they terraced it to plant the trees so they can mow, spray and get to them easier. Kinda looks like something you would see in Europe. DSCN2065.JPG
I was at Boyers this past winter and it's a gorgeous nursery and orchard. It was covered in snow at the time but it was still beautiful. They grow awesome trees also. I have a lot of Boyers trees from our local conservation districts It's gods country down there