Whats for lunch?

Trapper LM

5 year old buck +
Times are tough. Forced to live off the land.


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What's for supper?
What's for supper?
The same but substitute walleye.


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Is that on Castle Rock, badger?
Very nice :Dand you don't have the Castle Rock taxes:eek:.
What did you do to those crappie fillets. I have never seen them prepared with the skin on. I fillet hundreds of fish a year, electric fillet knife, and deep fry is how I roll.
Strange, must be a regional thing. I have never seen anyone cook them with the skin on. We cook trout with the skin on but never heard of panfish being done this way.
I only skin Walleye, Perch and Catfish.
For Crappies we just use a manual scaler. For Perch, if we have 25 or more we get the drum scaler out.
I'm not a fan of leaving the skin on panfish. The old man always like 'em that way though :confused:....seems to me to add more "fishiness", plus scaling them takes longer than skinning.
I can't imagine scaling 50 panfish. With an electric knife I can do 50 just under 1 hour. Those are perch, bluegill take me a bit longer. My favorite is a limit of walleyes, 3 fish less than 10 minutes. Wet batter, deep fried, feeds four, and delicious.
I do it all winter and freeze them for the summer.
I did 25 crappies in 40 minutes tonight. Scaling and fillet took on average 100 seconds. Skinning and fillet takes 90. I will continue to scale bluegill and crappies.
Perch will be skinned.967271_570652162958190_1546439275_o.jpg