To Plant Seedling apple or not?


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I have an apple tree started from seed that was stratified in damp paper towels in my frig. It's been in a 3 gal pot in good rich, compost-enriched soil for 3 months now. I moved it outdoors 2 weeks ago and it's seen sun, breeze, rain, etc. It's gotten more ridged & " woody " since being outside. It's 15" tall now. Should I plant it this fall ( Sept. )-ish ? Or bring in for winter & plant in spring ? First time trying it. Apple guys ??
North-central Pa. Zone 5/6 border. 50 minutes south of N.Y. line.
Plant it this Fall.
This fall it is then. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Much appreciated.
I've had decent luck by growing seedlings in pots in my yard for the summer and then plant them outside later in the fall. But sometimes I get busy and never get around to planting them until the following spring. I've had some survive and some die with each method, so I say just plant them when you have the time and keep your fingers crossed.
Is Sept. too early, or should I wait until late Oct. - early Nov. to get into dormancy?
I think it would be safer to wait until they're dormant and then plant them. I'd wait until they lose their leaves and then plant them.
I actually had pretty good luck planting my seedlings last year in June. All were in an area easy to get water to though. 5/8 made it through at least until the last time i was down there.
Are you gonna let this tree grow as a wild apple or graft a desired apple to it?
As a wild apple. I never hatched one from seed before. Just want to see what it develops into, & it'll be for deer feeding. When I first posted this thread, it was 15" tall. Now it's 21" tall. From the look of the leaves, I'm guessing it's a crab of some sort.
Question - My apple seedling is now 30 1/2" tall and has single leaves from the soil in the pot up to the top. When I plant this thing this fall, should I pinch/cut off the leaves up to, say, 6 or 8 inches from the top when I plant it? Or should I wait until spring? ( they are just single leaves attached to the trunk ). Or is there another track to take? Apple guys............?
The leaves will fall off themselves. I assume you are wondering about gettting limbs to grow?
Yep. I didn't know if there was something I should do to ready the seedling for pushing limbs. I never planted a seedling in the fall B4 so I didn't want to miss an important step. I know spring-planted trees get pruned at planting, usually.