This one was so pretty I had to shoot him several times....

Great picture, Steve. That ought to win one of them Ducks Unlimited contests.
Your pictures are some of my favorites!
I won the Ducks Unlimted Photo contest last year with an even better one. In 3 years of entering I have placed in the top 10 4 times (several categories). I have taken some of the best pictures ever this spring. Nothing like ducks at 10 feet that don't know you are there.
All these duck pictures are taken 300 feet from my front door.
Shutter speed for this was 1/1000 of a second. Minimum speed for flight is about 1/1250. For good regular flying birds I try to use at least 1/1600 second. Granted if they are coming towards you or going away 1/1000 will work. If you want to freeze the motion of the wingtips then you need to get upwards of 1/3200 second but then that looks rather uninteresting.
Mo, every time I think about taking their picture, I remember how good they taste and forget all about taking pics. I do enjoy the pics others take and these Steve has been posting are simply awesome.
Wow, that's incredible! If I was taking that picture my focus would have been on the water and would have turned out terrible. My photographer skills are so poor, my best pictures come from my trail cameras :D

Great picture Steve!

Your pictures are amazing. Seriously.

I wish I knew 1/2 of what you have forgotten about photography.

If I could do that I might quit my day job and take pictures all day.