Test pic post


5 year old buck +
Top picture file from PC, Bottom picture link from photo bucket.

Is that an Amish kid? WTF?
Yep. I had set this camera up by the gate in a spot where it would look to be hidden but where I knew it would be seen. A few days latter I was talking to his dad and dad wanted to know how many and where the cameras were located. As they (Amish) aren't suppose to get their pictures taken and he wanted to be able to tell his kids where to stay away from. I told him the kids need not be on my property that is why it is posted. This time serves as a warning next time the law is involved, I also told him I have several cameras and moved them around a lot. Have not had a problem with them since.
Well played! "I have cameras everywhere and Big Brother is watching!" LOL too funny.