Staghorn sumac



i collected some fruit, Im thinking of adding pockets of it in my nwsg. I know it's kinda weak for bedding by itself, but I could see some benefit to break up the monotony of the grass. I'm also adding oaks, plums, red pine and spruce. These "clumps" I want to create will add "edge" appeal for both bedding and funneling of movement throughout the nwsg. Thought?

Also, has anyone propagated the seed? Results? Heard it needs to be placed in hot water to break the seed coating...
I am not sure what variety of Sumac we have here, but deer deinitely bed in it and the bucks will rub the heck out of it.
Thats too funny Dipper I was planning on starting a thread on sumac and I even took a picture for it. I don't know anything about it but I would love more pockets of it as well and the deer bed in the one area I have. I planted spruce throughout to thicken the cover. I would like to know a source for seedlings.
We can order it through our local NRD during their annual tree sales program. Maybe MDC has it on their order form?
We had one hillside that had some type of sumac on it and there was always a rub line going through it. Grandpa is the kind of guy that likes a really clean looking field so he brush hogged them all this spring so that took care of them. They are coming back but are only a foot tall or so now
I gathered 5 gallons of that seed. I've never had luck just spreading seed, but I'm tempted.
I gathered 5 gallons of that seed. I've never had luck just spreading seed, but I'm tempted.
It's easy to collect the seed and it spreads like a weed anyways so I think it would be easy to do
For any hardcore outdoor guys - you can boil or steep the fuzzy red tops with the seeds in them and strain the " tea " to make a vitamin-rich drink. You have to strain it thru a piece of muslin to get the fuzz & hulls out of it. Add a little sugar and it tastes like lemonade. I've done it & it's good!

I've never seen deer browse sumac, but they sure do like to rub on it. I like Riggs' idea of mixing some spruce around the sumac. Good combo.
I noticed NCR has some sumac varieties. Thanks for the tip Stu I think I will add a few hundred smooth sumac to my order. My original plan with my property has dramatically changed and now I only care about dense/thick cover leading to food through points and fingers.