Repellex Tablets For Browse Deterrent


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Why haven't I heard of this before? Has anyone tried this? I wonder if this could be the answer to getting white pines going without having to do bud capping?

It's got a 3.7 out of 5 rating on Amazon:

From the Repellex website:


Keep Deer Out of Your Garden with Repellex:
Repellex® offers three different options for deer repellents made from natural ingredients that are completely safe and humane. Our signature product, Repellex® Systemic Tablets, delivers a concentrated solution of hot pepper straight to the plants’ roots that is absorbed at a molecular level. This makes the plants inedible to deer and other animals. Since the formula is protected within the plants’ cells, it does not wash off in the rain or degrade overtime due to sunlight and other weather conditions. This lasts up to one year and is very effective on inedible plants, and is not intended for use on edible plants.

At 30 cents per tree per year, I'd be willing to try it on 150 (next year's planting idea) to see how it goes. Given this info, and this is subject to change 10 times before next year, I'm thinking about doing 50 chokeberry, 50 plum, and 50 white pine.
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If you have an overabundance of browse damage there is only one solution=less deer. We've shot just over 70 deer on my property the last 2 years. For the first year my 7 year old plum trees are actually growing out of the tree tubes. As silly as it sounds, if I can grow these plums above the browse line, it will be my greatest habitat achievement to date! I still can't plant a 5' HP in the spring without protection, but we are getting there, and we are going to get there.
Don't waste your money on that junk, I've yet to hear anything prevent deer damage than a fence, or less deer. Deer are a keystone species like us and a beaver. That basically means there presence or overabundance can change the habitat they live in.
Here is what works best in my opinion!!!! Honestly I have a low deer density and I typically provide more food in my plots than the deer can eat. I can't fathom shooting 70 deer in 2 years - I more than likely have not seen 70 deer over a 10 year period at my place!
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I'll be the pioneer. Like I said above, for 30 cents a piece and another 50 cents for a tree, I'll give it a shot to see if we can break the deer browse business cycle. If it doesn't work, I'm out $50 and 150 toe touches.
I don't want it to sound like I am questioning Dipper's figure - I'm not. But I am not overstating my facts either. The most deer taken in my county EVER was 796 in 2012. My county is 373 square miles in area. That averages to 2.13 deer taken per square mile!!!! - I only own/hunt 150 acres. To say everyones situation is different is an understatement for sure. We average 4 deer a year off of my property - but I am managing to keep the habitat ahead of the deer. We have limited habitat and thus far no signs of damage and I intend on keeping it that way buy increasing habitat, increasing the quality of that habitat and keep deer numbers in check.

All I can say is good luck Dipper!
These sound like another "shinny object" ... you won't know that they do not work until a year from know.

While they may stop over browsing, they won't stop initial browsing as there will be a delay before the deer recognizes the effect. I would also doubt their effectiveness on new growth at the spring green up.

I have used Deer Away spray with good results for 2-4 months.

With fencing or tubing ... results are known.