Programming Moultrie M-880


5 year old buck +
I read my instruction manual top to bottom. Like most instruction manuals, it left me confused. I want to set up one of my cameras to take at least one photo a day to do a time lapse progression of a food plot. I would also like it to take motion activated pictures as well.

Can it be done?

From what I read, it will only do time lapse during the day, and motion activated pics at night. The manual also said it's possible to get motion activated pics during the time lapse mode, but it never indicated how.

Anyone pulled this off?
i run m-880 as well....programming is a bit of a pain with them IMO. Not sure on having pre set to take a single pic everyday. But you could still a frame out of the time lapse...say the first frame of the time lapse everyday. that way you will have nearly the same lighting conditions and it will be at nearly the same time every day.

I have no idea if they can take a motion activated pic during time lapse either. I pretty much only run as a motion activated camera.
Here is the way I understand it on my 2013 m-990i...if the Time Frequency is set to 60 secs, 2 minutes or 5 minutes while in Time Lapse Mode, the camera's motion sensor can still be activated in between photos.
I have a M80 which should be similar. I believe my camera has these modes, trailcam, video, time lapse (plot) , and hybrid. Hybrid is the mode that takes time lapse photos during the day and also triggers with the PIR sensor at night. I'm unsure if it triggers also during the day with the PIR but that should be easy to test.