Pops got 'er done in MN (72 years young)


5 year old buck +
Dad shot this buck last night at his place in Hugo (which is for sale, PM me for details), placement was a bit low but I would have thought that the shot would have killed this buck in short order. We went to track it after about 4 hours and could hear it struggling to breathe but couldn't see it through the pines. We ended up standing in one spot for over 20 minutes afraid to move. Finally decided to back out quietly and come back in the morning. He was still in the same spot, 15 yards from where we stopped the night before. Still amazed he lasted as long as he did.
Wow very cool! Pretty buck. Hope my dad is out there with me at 72. My good friends dad just died yesterday at 53 (heart attack) I would have described him as healthy! No med hx. We all need to cherish the time we have with each other!
Congrats to you both!
That is a very nice buck!! Congrats
Congrats to your dad. Good looking deer.
congrats! that is a great buck at any age!
Awesome! Hope I am still able to hunt when I get to that age.
Nice buck! Congrats to your dad.
Awesome. Any history on that deer? Or did he just show up out of the blue?
I would love to still be out hunting in my 70's. Good for him and a nice deer.
Nice. Great story. Great buck!
Very nice. Congrats to your Dad
Congrats to your dad! You gotta love it when the old timers score a nice buck. Hopefully I can put my dad or my uncle on a nice one this rifle season. They both had shots at really nice 8pts last season, but did not connect.
Great buck, congrats!
My dad wounded a huge 9 this past sun an is really beating himself up bad. He says he is done bowhunting. He wears glasses an says he can either see his pins or the target. Never both. I think I'm gonna see if my siblings all want to chip in for Christmas an get him a cross bow like your dad has above. I used to be against crossbows during the archery season but if it means the OL man keeps hunting with us Im all for it. Funny how perspective changes over time:)
Beautiful buck and congrats to your dad!
Congrats to your Dad.
Well done. Congrats
Nice buck good thing you heard him breathing hard and didn't spook him