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Gruesome stuff. :eek: I know of a guy at the Redwood Falls rendering plant who was ground to pieces.....happened about 40 years ago. The guy was picking the cow magnets out of the sump......when the power got turned on.
I grew up in Franksville WI, less than a 1/4 mile from the Kraut factory. I had an uncle who was a foreman there. As a kid I be running around in that place all the time. Me and the neighbor hood kids use to play hide and seek in the factory. They had large wooden vats that were about 20' deep and 3' above the floor. They had a lot of migrants who came for the summer to work. One dude every time he got paid he went on a bender and didn't show to work for a couple of days. One time he never did come back and they figured he got locked up or quit. They finally did find him when they were empting out a vat that was being canned. He was laying in the bottom, they figured he was drunk and fell into the vat while it was being filled. This was back in the 70's before the vats had tops or all the safety eq. they now have in factories. They wouldn't let us play hide and seek any more after that but we could still go in at any time and walk around talking too the workers or watch.
Doesn't look human - the structure isn't right at least to me. Looks like maybe from some sort of ape or monkey. I'm sure it would make a person ask a few questions and possibly need a change of pants!