No tracks and not a bad looking plot with very little rain!


5 year old buck +
This field is my first use of my 3PT606NT and picture was taken today ...the thing I was curios about was I did not think my Cereal rye which I broadcast after the brassicas popped up were not performing so a week or ten days ago I drove thru this standing plot my UTV with seeder in action spreading another 100#/AC of cereal rye ...

What I was looking for today was how much lasting damage to standing plant matter was evident ...I could not really find tracks as such and certainly no brown strips (tire tracks) of dead plant matter ..

Of course this may all be a mute point as we are forecast 25 degrees both Monday and Tuesday mornings (this temp dip is 3 weeks early) ..a dip in and out we may be OK but slow to arrive and leave each morning may end the leafy garden ..bummer but there are 3 northern clovers light wheat n hopefully heavy cereal rye left to carry on



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