New rootstocks.


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Has anyone gotten any info on the new G.222 rootstock? I had it recommended to me because it has a very deep rooting tendency. That should make it more drought resistant for my area. I realize a lot of you live in zones 3 and 4 and are worried more about cold hardiness. I live on the border of 7B and 8. I worry more about drought and insects. As well as CAR.
A google search will give you lots of links to research on Geneva rootstocks. In my order from Cummins for next year, I am getting a couple trees on G.222 and a few on G.890. The patents on these are pretty good reads. Here is the patent for G.222: and here is the patent for G.890:
According to this source, G.222 was tested under experimental names CG.4222, CG.5222 and CG.5202 (

I also read about a mixup with commercial nurseries that spent a couple years propagating G.222 when they thought they had the more dwarfing G.214. One had 300K G.222 rootstocks with no customer for them at the time. (

I have not spent much time going through the NC140 rootstock trials. This link gives background on their work
Both the G.222 and the G.890 appear to be dwarf rootstocks. I don't think I want dwarfs. I prefer semi-dwarf.
I grafted some G202 rootstock this spring. They are a dwarf rootstock, but these trees are for my home orchard. I have ordered from Cummins for next year some G969 rootstock. These are between a M7 & a M106 in size, so I'm thinking about a 15 foot tree ??? Resistant to fireblight, crown rot, wooly aphids and are a freestanding tree. Most of these will be planted near my house. Will still use B118 for my Back40 plantings where the bears are a factor. Here's a chart on the new Geneva rootstocks, but you may have already found this.