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Normally I am in favor of the DNR, or any controlled burns. I live in the forest area, and keeping the fuel on the ground to a minimum in my opinion a good idea. But, right now in my area, we had a extremely dry year last spring, summer, and fall, then very little snow all winter, never having more than 2 inches on the ground all winter, and when there was, it never lasted. Which brings me to my post, my area is in a burning ban, we arent allowed to have a camp fire, or even grill outdoors, ATV travel is not recommended unless needed for farm use, with caution. The DNR has been out putting out fires the last month or two, yet they are out burning hundreds of acres of county and state lands. Again, in the big picture, I know this is good, and hopefully if a wildfire does happen, these controlled burns will help keep them under control, but them doing controlled burns, when humidity is in the teens, and there is a 30 mph wind, seems like it is leaving an open for something to get away from them.

Yesterday within 10 miles of me, there was 4 rather big fires going, 2 were DNR controlled burns, and the DNR never notified anyone living near the area. A friend lives less than a mile from it, and he had to find out on Facebook that the DNR was doing a burn. Yet we will get a ticket for grilling outside. I realize the DNR are trained, and have the equipment there to control the burns, but I would think there is a larger chance of something getting out of hand by them burning hundreds of acres, and not telling any neighbors, than me grilling on my deck .
Rules for thee not for me.

Would like to see what happens when what gets out. How much responsibility do they bare. I love a burn and glad they do it but seems hypocritical to do it when yall have so many restrictions
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Not sure where exactly you're located but the WI DNR does it too. Down by us, they burn the badger ammunition plant every spring and seem to always burn it when it's high fire time. Many people have complained about it but of course the DNR I'd exempt. Also last year Ft McCoy did a controlled burn on a no burn day and it spiraled out of control burning multiple houses. Do you think anyone lost their job that day because of it? Doubtful.
Keep in mind that burn bans can change multiple times a day. With that being said rules for thee but not for me is as accurate as it gets.
I've seen the local DNR and fire department burn old houses that still had shingles on the roof. Pretty sure anyone else would be facing charges over such stupidity. The fact that they did it intentionally is what "burns" me. See what I did there? hardy har har

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