Near mishap with tractor



Dumb things happen so fast...

My neighbor and I were planting beans last week and he was showing me the ropes. It was the first time I ran a planter so he was hanging on the cab instructing me. We were partway down the field on a pass and he noticed a big rock on the next pass.

I asked him if I should stop so he can jump off. He said no, and jumped off the cab. Unfortunately for him he lost his footing and went down, well clear of the tractor and planter but... that happened to be the side the marker was down on. I hit the brakes and stopped but about two more seconds and it would have been a terrible day.

Big lesson for me. Don't mess around this stuff happens fast!
Glad you guys dodged a bullet. Some don't. :( I've sure had my share of close calls around this kind of equipment too. My wife calls me the "safety officer".......but these things can happen all too quick. Good reminder to us all.
Glad no one got hurt. You never see them coming that's for sure.
All comments very true. This past week a local child lost a leg when he got behind a mower that reversed over him. I'm sure he didn't expect the mover to back up. The operator didn't expect anyone to be back there.

My crew teases me for always repeating, "It's never just one thing that goes wrong". Meaning don't break a safety rule because you never know when it's the last remaining item in the series to tragedy. Thanks for sharing the close call reminder.
I remember banc's story that put him in the hospital for months.

Be careful.

One of my clients was riding on a grain drill last week and fell off. I don't know why he was riding on there. He is just 40 days younger than me, but was still doing chores and milking cows afterwards.