My Grandson got all freaked out at a movie.....


5 year old buck +
Him and some buddies saw some movie where this creepy doll figure shows up all the time. So I told him I got this pic on a trail camera near his stand. Not sure he will be able to sleep. :D creepy doll.jpg
Awesome foggy! I had to show this to the wife just now because my daughter just saw "Annabelle" the other day and was all freaked out(she doesn't like clowns either).:eek: As I am laughing and admiring your handiwork, my wife looks at me and says "you guys are all terrible, that's mean!" I say "What? That's hilarious!" Then she snickers and says "Yeah, it kind of is, isn't it!?":D
Oh I'll be borrowing this pic.
That pic is all over the interwebs....they stole it from me as I had it on a alterations

Riiight Stu. Yep, I've seen this picture elsewhere too. I heisted the pic off facebook and sent it to my Grandson. Keeps him awake in his stand. ;)
That's a picture of me before "the surgery."
Do you guys know what this is? Maybe it needs a "what is this critter thread"

North 40.jpeg
This would be one way to keep my wife from wanting the good stand. Or any stand for that matter.