Mowing after gly spraying?


5 year old buck +
Sprayed an old field that has had nothing done with it for years. Central Wisconsin. A lot of old heavy grass growth and new about 8"plus. Can I take the brush hog to this 24 hrs later, or do I need to wait longer? Got done about noon yesterday. Temp 70 and sunny yesterday and 60 overnite. Thanks.
Wait. I usually wait until I see it start to die. No point in rushing it.
What are your plans for the field? If you're going to plant oats or buckwheat broadcast before mowing. The thatch will act as a layer of mulch.

I did this with clover and rye last fall and it worked well. Otherwise you have to get all that trash up to get good soil to seed contact.
Thanks for all the replies. Old thatch was so heavy that I brush hogged twice and then took a 6ft tiller to it. My drill is at another location and not close at all. Didn't think with the extremely heavy ground thatch that I could get a good germination without some tillage. I am going to try some different seeding applications. Going to broadcast some oats and clover to a couple of strips, to become LC rye mix and brassica mix in Aug. Also going to do a couple strips of pumpkins. Couple of strips of EW for screen. Probably wait for the next shot of green growth, give another lite dose of gly and try the broadcasting. Hoping this will be the only year for spraying and tilling. I have some untreated yet that I can try without spray or tillage to see if I was wrong.