MN Ducks Only 70 degrees.

Brush Creek

5 year old buck +

My dad and I took my 12 year old out to the swamp north of the Twin Cities for Duck opener. It was better than expected and we got a few. The boy shot at least 5 ducks over the weekend using a 20 gauge for the first time.

You can see the sweat line on me from the waders. Now I need to put a deer in front of him when he has his bow.
That's a good hunt!
What's all there? In my area we mostly get puddle ducks (mallard, wood duck and few blue wing teal and an occasional pin tail). We just don't have the water for divers.

We mostly hunt for the geese and the ducks are a nice little bonus.

I like the social aspect of waterfowling and getting the kids involved. Looks like you did real well!
Man, seems weird for people to be duck hunting already. Congrats!
mostly wood ducks, couple mallards and a teal or two.
Rarely shoot anything else but it is all swamps. No big water.
Something entirely wrong with a pile of ducks laying on green grass. Lol. Congrats to the group and esp that young man. But for future reference you are not supposed to shoot the mallards til they get down here to's a rule.
We feel fortunate to see a mallard in MN. Seems like none of them make it back in the spring:confused:
I am not an experianced waterfowler (not anywhere close to it), but a few things I would like to try at least once.
Hunt divers
Hunt geese from a pit blind
Hunt flooded timber ducks
Hunt snow geese in the spring
My boy got me into waterfowling and it's alot of fun, but our hunting here is essentially limited to layout blinds in fields or small bodies of water. I really like the social aspect of it - your sitting there shooting the breeze until you spot or hear the birds - then you call and or flag and once you got'm com'n and the feet come down then its fling'n steel into the sky! Puts a smile on my face just thinking about it!