Lime spreader worked!


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image.jpg Most of my ideas don't go off as planned. I thought I could use my salt spreader for lime but was worried it would not spread. It actually worked. I spread 2.5 tons of lime today. A lot of snow contractors in the north have these types of spreaders. If you are looking to have a small amount of lime spread it might be worth calling a couple. image.jpg
Is that ag lime?
Is that ag lime?
Yes it is. I bought it from the farmer next to my parent. He had a 100 tons delivered so I paid him for a hopper full.
Way to go. Don't forget to wash the truck good.
I drove a hour home in pouring rain! Looks like rain for the next 5 days. When it stops I will pressure wash the spreader, yank it out and not think about snow again until November.
Considering the spreader usually throws salt, I doubt the lime will do much to it?

Nice score.