Kids do and say the funniest things


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We had used my daughters camera for some photos of herbrothers mount and was scrolling thru the files on her SD card and found this. She has asperations to become a photo journalist and I tought this was pretty funny! It also made me think - when was the last time I had that much fun just on a spur of the moment? It has been a long time! Later that evening I took a walk with Jenna (pictured) and her younger sister just to have a little fun - sorry no selfy's of that adventure!

On another note - I sent my son an e-mail regarding a photo to be taken and was trying to explain to him that he needed to wear something presentable (you know someting WITH sleeves and WITHOUT stains) and to make sure he cleaned himself up. He is in his first year at college and sometimes he doesn't read between the lines very well. He responded to my message, "il get a new polo sense mine has a stain that might show up but yea nice jeans n no hangover got it"
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Just wait til your daughter get a bad photo of you and post it.
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Yep - it's just a matter of time. Thing is I doubt it will be posted here - so you all can just keep on thinking I don't do things like that!!!! My luck will be she will post it on facebook or the like - something with a much larger audience - famous for all the wrong reasons!
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