Ground blind materials - fake Christmas trees?

West Branch

5 year old buck +
I have two artificial Christmas tress that I was thinking I can use as part of a ground blind. Has anybody ever done this before? This would be more of a permanent ground blind that you would could go back to year after year. I was thinking some sort of frame that is "brushed" in with the artificial branches would work.

Has anybody ever tried something like this before? I have very limited to almost no experience hunting from ground blinds so any input is welcome.
I've never tried it but have a friend who has. He actually goes around after X-mas looking for people who throw them out. He has a couple dozen of them used to make a few ground blinds. He has had good luck out of them.
I have some branches stapled around the base and sides of my box stand. I added a bit of flat black paint over them to reduce the shine if they are in the sun.
Yet they're completely unnecessary. ;)
I don't know about completely. If trying to bow hunt from the ground I would much rather have some cover around me. I think it would work fine. I don't sit still real we'll so any time I can hide my movement I am all for it.
If you're hiding behind the tree, that's one thing. But if you're brushing in the blind so that only the blind is "hidden" and you're above the tree line (fake or not), then it's pointless.

The biggest buck I've ever seen in person was eating the flowers next to a garage. They adapt to our structures almost as fast as we erect them. This is why I think painting them camo is also silly. The only reason to do that is to hide them from 2 legged predators. ;)
I was poking around the farm a few weeks ago and found a few hog panels. It seems like they should work pretty good to use as the frame and then stick the branches through to close it in. I will probably need some sticks to get it filled it good. That should make for a decent ground blind.

Now I just need to figure out where to put it.