Generating Diversity and Bedding Pockets in a Pine Regrowth after Harvest of Norway Pine


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I was on foggy's place yesterday. Maybe he can post some pictures.

There were areas where the Norway pine (red) was harvested and regrowth is knee to chest high and as thick as hair on a dog. Good cover for the short term.

In the long term, what can be done?

I would rule fire OUT in this case due to property size and potential oF major disasters.

Ideas- For now, go in and clip out a 3 foot wide trail into these areas, then clip out a 10 yard wide doe bedding spot. Exit and entry trails, take advantage of terrain and stand locations.

Would a stump grinder create these open areas in there? Grind out and expose the soil or just take the small pines down to ground level.

Lots of pine straw in some locations- spread lime over the pine straw? Till it in or leave in place?

there are areas of dense hazel brush. Perhaps a seed base is present. How do you stimulate it to regrow in areas of dense pine seedlings?

Will stronger mixes of roundup kill young red pine if applied during the candle phase-perhaps mid-June?
An overpopulation of deer will prevent any regeneration. It's ironic, I'm trying to get that regeneration after I do a thinning, or anytime for that matter
There is not an over population problem.

There are lots of great clover trails, and grouse!
Take a forestry mulcher through there and create lanes/trails/pockets/openings. I was on a guy's place north of Cushing yesterday and he had hired a mulcher to come in and make some trails for him. Pretty impressive. He hired a guy out of Ripley

What is regrowing on those trails? clover, brush? Soil type?

do you have an opinion on what it would do in a red cedar stand on poor soil?
Can you get a brush hog in there or are the stumps too tall? How about a walk behind mower?