Dwarf Chinkapin Oak sources?

Jordan Selsor

5 year old buck +
Anyone have any for sale or trade out their? Anyone have any producing? How do you like them? These little trees have my curiosity. I would like to hear anyone's experience with em and find a source
Tks Jordan
I used superior trees out of fl they survived this past winter which was one of the coldest I have seen, they have pretty well neglected and are going into year 3.

Not sure where your at but I have some extras in 18 cell rootmakers in so il if you are close you could pick them up. I started them from acorns this spring.
Bonner21 I appreciate your offer Im about 30 miles south of STL. Where you at?
Clinton county next to carlyle lake.
The Pa. Game Comission sells seedlings every spring. The DCO is one of it's most popular and for good reason.
How do they handle bear pressure?

I haven't witnessed one get hit by a bear, but they are a native tree in bear areas so I guess they survive. They are one of the quickest trees to produce mast, along with A. Chinkapin.