Curious "albino" clover I found on July 4th weekend


5 year old buck +
Just thought I would post a few pics of a red clover I found growing in a fallow field behind our motel in Oshkosh when we were visiting the Gbabies. LAX-OSH 026sm.JPG LAX-OSH 027sm.JPG LAX-OSH 028sm.JPG

I think it is plain enough to see that it is an all white blossom on a red clover plant, you can see all of it's siblings in the background of the third pic. Not sure how common this is, but it is the first time I have personally seen an all white flower on a red clover plant.
Pretty cool, watch the area to see if it spreads.
I wonder if seed from that blossom would grow more of it or if it would revert back to "normal"
I am wondering the same thing stu, problem is I won't get back over there now until at least labor day weekend, so that flower will have dropped seed and be long gone by then. I will definitely be checking when I go back over though. Maybe check next spring to see if any more have the same trait. I should be able to get to within a few feet of the area, I marked it on my GPS and it was at the edge of the field near a lone maple tree anyway. Who knows, it may be sterile also?
super albino red clover. I would buy an plant it:D
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