Crimson Clover tips

Some will always come back, but I was referring the the crimson seed that is still in the seed bank.
They a one and done seed producing plant? Mow it low when the seed heads are 1/2 way along? I feel medium red is close to being a one seed crop plant, atleast by me in NY.

Could be a good last year of the plot thing to do to cut down on seeds if doing no-till.
Crimson grew well for our camp in NC Pa. - but it didn't come back the following year. Great for adding N to the soil, and for pollinators. It's a one-time crop at our place.

On a local farm near our home in SE Pa., the farmer had about 2 to 3 acres all in crimson. Quite a sight. He plowed it down in the late fall, and this spring, that acreage is coming up in wheat. The crimson no doubt put a bunch of N into his ground from last summer's crop.
I've had food plot seed mixes over the years that had some crimson clover. PRetty much doesn't come back the next year here in the hudson valley NY. Pretty much always wanted a field of it. Nitrogen would be nice though. I bought a monster 13hp walk behind rototiller last fall, will likely rototill this year in the 1/2 acre plot. Might just rototill 1/3 of it each year as rotation. Never do any fancy plots with beans or corn, just grains turnips clovers peas. Got tons of 2 leafed clovers emerging this week. Even though a 1 inch layer of woodchips I put in this years expansion.

No big hopes for up north though, dumped 50lbs over 1.5 acres or so. Weekend of the eclipse up in northern adirondacks around 2300ft elevation. Being less than a 1/4-1/2 mile from a big resevoir helps a bit with frost though.