Crab rootstock


5 year old buck +
Most of the trees I planted this spring were on Malus Columbia or Malus Dolgo. How do these crabapple rootstocks stack up against the b118? I'm not able to find too much info on the rootstocks that I got other than they are standard size and vigorous.
Any more info to be had? Any thoughts and how quickly they might fruit compared to some other rootstocks?
I've got one tree from Bailey's that is on one of those rootstocks, not quite sure which root exactly. The tree is Northwest Greening. So far in my beach sand B.118 has outgrown the Bailey's tree. But I think there are a lot of variables in any of these studies.

The variety will play a part in how soon you get fruit. I have read northern spy can take 10-14 years. What size was the tree when it was planted, some people are planting little tiny twig like whips were some guys are planting 10 footers. How are the growing conditions during the first 5 years, is it drought or monsoon. is it getting enough sun? What kind of soil.

Really tough to say IMO. Not to mention i dont think many people on these forums have experience with these roots.