Codling Moths


5 year old buck +
Has anyone started to have trouble with them this year? I talked to my dad last night (he has 10 acres of apple trees) and he said they are getting to be a real problem in McLeod county. The spray he uses doesn't have any staying power in the rain so he has to keep on it after each rain. And he's not winning.
He does with everything else. Not sure why he doesn't with this, or if he does why it doesn't work. He's applied 5 times already, and he's still not winning.
I'm not sure. I'll ask him when I get him on the phone again.
He alternates between Imidan and Assail. He knew about using a sticker, but didn't seem to enthused about it. I asked about crop oil, and he said it isn't good for the leaves.

Right/wrong/otherwise, that's how he tackles it.