article in d&dh


5 year old buck +
According to the article, areas with 5 anterless tags will be the hardest to have increases in numbers. Northern MN. deer herds after a very severe winter ( Last 2), the impact of wolves might be excessive. mortality rates for does, hunting 43.3%, wolves 33.1%, misc. 23.6% Tough winters are hardest for for does 5+ years old, which have the highest number of fawns to recuitment. Good luck at having anything to change with the DNR.
Newstand or online?
Brooks, newstand. Article by John J. Ozaga Minnesota studies by Glen DelGiudice. More ammo for us to use against the. DNR.
I thought those studies were doen in the Remer area, but someone could check the references.

I can also remember reading somethings about winter survival and the importance of conifers.

Sd and PRK would be close to the study areas.
I have never read those studies but would like to. Any source where I can find it?
I imagine I read them in son of Ozoga's articles in D and DH or else in MDHA magazine.