Android mapping app?


I used to used google maps to project my property boundaries onto a map, then I could simply pull up the map and see where my 'lines' were. Google broke the maps app, and it doesn't work anymore.

I see there are MANY mapping apps in the play store, does anyone know of any that you can "draw" on the map for future reference?

Here is a screen shot from my PC that I could also view on my phone.

Any suggestions for a google maps replacement?


With Gmap4 you can draw in lines and save the link. I have map links saved in a draft email and I can pull them up as long as there is cell phone service. You can add other markings using a kml file as well. I have a map of our farm that I added some picture icons that a person can click on and see some different views from an area and also added little info icons that someone can click on and read about our food plots or whatever else is there. I am not any sort of computer programmer or anything and I figured out the kml files. The guy that developed Gmap4 has some examples he lets people download for editing. I have a farm tour map and also a plat map that I started. Haven't updated them since I first made the files but I could pm the links to you and also the kml files if you are interested.

Gmap4 could also be embedded in posts on the forum here if but I think you would need to change some forum settings to the allow the code. Not sure how many people would want to use them since it would allow everyone to easily see where their hunting land is located. You can see an example have an embedded map on a forum here:
I'm not sure it would be what you are looking for, but I am trying a free program called gmap4 this season. I don't know if I would call it an app or not, but it runs right in your cell phones browser. It might be worth a look.

West Branch bet me to the punch!
If anyone else wants to see my maps I will send a pm with links to them.
Thanks for the kind words about Gmap4. I am the developer of that browser app.

Gmap4 is a browser app, not a native app. Gmap4 runs in most browsers on most devices from smartphones to desktops. Note that the browser does have to be online in order to start the software. When Gmap4 is running in the browser on a smartphone or other mobile device it automatically shows you a touch-friendly interface.

There are three ways to access different features.
1. The “Menu” button lets you search, geolocate, change the coordinate format, get the declination and do various other things.
2. The other button always displays the name of the current basemap. This button lets you change the basemap and also turn GIS overlays on/off.
3. A rightclick anywhere on the map will display the coordinates in several formats for the point you clicked.

The Menu ==> "Draw and Save" feature lets you add data to the map and then save your data as either a GPX file or a delimited text file. You can also use the map-in-a-link feature to save your data right in the Gmap4 link itself and not have to bother with any data file.

Gmap4 can display these types of files: GPX, TPO, KML, KMZ, Google MyMap, and a delimited file format.

The Gmap4 homepage has a FAQ, examples, quick start info (on the Help page) and more to quickly get you up to speed.

One of the articles on the Help page shows you how to use Gmap4 on your smartphone offline.

Gmap4 default map:

Gmap4 homepage:

Joseph, the Gmap4 guy
Redmond, WA
If anyone else wants to see my maps I will send a pm with links to them.

Hey West Branch - could I see some of your maps please? I'm playing with it, but can only get the points to show up on my phone, not the lines between the points.


I finally gave up trying to do this on my phone. I tried a work around after google ruined my maps. I always had to worry about battery life and accuracy. I hunt a few public lands wherr It is important not to trespass on the neighbors. One time I ended up hunting a short ways over the PA/NY border during flintlock season I realized it.

I finally bought a Garmin, the best one without a touch screen. Pretty nice and handy. Decent software. Free maps available. Might buy the maps that shows all the property lines but it does not cover 2 counties I hunt in...too rural I guess.
After playing with Gmap4 a little (I loaded my 'old' google maps into it via a KML file) it's pretty sweet.

Works every bit as good as the old google maps, that's for sure.

Although I'm not using the 'new' google map creator to touch up the map, it has layers, which is very handy for editiing.

Anyway, Gmap4 will get you there. Just put a .KML online (download it from your google map) and you are all set. If anyone needs a place to put the KML online yell. I have several domain names not doing anything. I would be happy to throw them online for you if you could email them to me.