5 year old buck +
Several folks have asked if I'd have acorns to sell this year. Some. The sauls seem to have been hurt by the late freeze, but there are a few. Plenty of standard sawtooth and gobble sawtooth. Some scarlet and shumard. Haven't checked the chinkapin oaks yet. Got some chinese chestnuts, too, but those get gone quick.
pm sent
For those of you that wanted acorns, just letting you know I have most of them ready to ship. A few had asked for chinkapin acorns that are just now falling. Once I have all them I will send everything. Just want to make one trip to the PO.
Thanks TH. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Looking forward to getting them in the ground next spring.
Looking forward to my goody box! Thanks again!
Just a FYI, my latest-dropping sawtooths are just now starting to trickle off. I have two trees and look to be about 5000 acorns on them. They are smaller than a standard sawtooth but larger than a gobbler and they are VERY reliable producers. They are now 7 years old and in the third year of production. Y'all want any, let me know.
Thanks to you guys that bought acorns from me this year. Non-pro-archer, I still haven't received your check you sent. Need to check to see if it cleared.
Thanks to you guys that bought acorns from me this year. .

Thanks for the acorns!