A huge thank you to all......


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Veterans on this Veterans Day 2014! I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to any and all who served in time of war or peace. With 2 grandfathers having served in WWII and numerous uncles and cousins who served from Korea through the Gulf War, it saddened me when I was told that I would not pass the physical because of my 40% hearing loss in my right ear and the fact that I didn't have any cartilage left in my left knee when I tried to enlist in 2001.:( I think the Navy might have possibly still taken a chance on me, but they wanted me specifically to weld up breeched reactor cores on Trident class submarines.o_O Even though I was a highly skilled welder even at that time, something about being hundreds of feet under sea level working on highly radioactive equipment in a small space didn't really appeal to me.:eek: