40 Acres, Northern Missouri





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There's 120 acres listed on the dark side for 1650/acre. In Sullivan county.

I got the aerial and don't like some things about it but that's pretty cheap.

For me the negatives are:

To close to town
No direct frontage
In the CWD no APR zone
No tillable
Looks like reclaimed mine (don't know for sure)

But maybe it could be had cheaper. Not for me but maybe someone out there.
There is aprs in mo?
Most of N missouri has APR's. I think they even expanded it further south a few years ago.

It's a shame all the counties around and including Macon were until the deer farm in Macon came down with CWD.

Just found a confirmed wild deer with CWD in Adair county the other day. Which means I may be screwed if they extend the CWD no APR zone.
There is 25 acres down the road going for $6000/acre. I could own a lot of land in mo if I sold my place at your prices.
I just got to find a place for the ole lady to ride her horses. That would be a tough sell.
People think I'm nuts for driving 18 plus hours to my farm. But I've got 240 acres for the price of 50 at home.

And in 7 years we've killed more than a lifetime at home would have produced.

Yet still we complain about road hunters and neighbors.

Grass is always greener.