1st Deer - Michigan Youth


5 year old buck +
My youngest son, 6, shot his 1st deer this last weekend for the early Michigan youth hunt. He got this nice 140 lb. (live weight) doe from 50 yards with a single shot, H&R 44 mag Handi Rifle (180 grain). She came out with 3 other doe's at sundown and into our Brassica plot. We weren't able to see where she ran for long after he shot, so we tracked and found her about 50 yards away, laying just inside a section of CIR switchgrass and Egyptian Wheat/Sorghum. It was raining which made it pretty tough to track and while I'll blame it on him having the better, brighter flashlight, he found all the blood to finally find her...


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thats awesome! congrats! I'm looking forward to having that same experience someday in the next few years!
Memories! Congrats to the both of you.
Awesome! I got a kick out of the last pic with everyone pointing at him. Fun stuff.
Congrats to your son. The smile says it all.
Looks like a blast. Love where his trigger finger is, you've taught him well.
Good Job! Congrats to you and your son, something like this makes everthing worthwhile.
Well done! Memories that will last a lifetime.

My Jake (turns 9 tomorrow) still thinks he is the master tracker. Every deer we've ever looked for I suddenly get "blind" when we start getting close to it. He finds it and then rubs it in that he is the master tracker :rolleyes:

2 years ago he did legitimately find the blood trail to my buck. After 3 adults walked through and didn't find a thing. So maybe he's onto something?

That's good stuff right there :).
He's hooked for life now. Congrats to both of you.
That is all kinds of AWESOME. Great to see everyone involved.
Congrats. Great pics, the one of you looking at each other needs to be framed.