Michigan Youth - 1st Buck and Bowkill Update


5 year old buck +
I finally got the video done. Now please forgive the fact that I'm a complete noob trying to film my kids hunting, it's shaky, out of focus, using an old camera and trying to learn how to edit as I go. I would have cut out most of the parts inside the blind but that's where you can hear our excitement and emotions the most.

This is an update from this thread:

The arrow got 8 inches of penetration and went 1/2 an inch into the heart. He barely ran 50 yards.

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Congrats to your son.
Thanks for sharing! That made me smile.
downfall to my iMac, I cannot watch that video but congrats!
That was pretty awesome congratulations to you and your son.
Great video and perfect shot. Love how he was shaking from the adrenalin afterwards.
Looks hooked to me. Great shot
Good shot and video. Congrats
Congrats to the lucky youth. That memory will last a lifetime.
Very good hunt!!