tower stand

  1. Camp 2 Dukes

    My tower blind build method

    I have seen a number of tower blind threads thought would share how I have built the last few. I build the platforms as most here I've seen here do with elevator brackets. One thing I do different from what I've seen is to box out the bottom for additional strength when lifting and I lift it...
  2. P

    Box blind size; one adult up to two kids?

    The title really says most of what I'm curious about. I'd like to build a box blind for me and the boys (9yo and 6yo currently) to use. It would not be uncommon for all 3 of us to be in the blind together. At first I was thinking of making it 4X8 for convenience sake. After a bit more...
  3. M

    Cheap Box Blind?

    My buddy just had 3 of these made for $1,000 each delivered. They are 4'x8' wide, 6' high. They look pretty nice for a $1,000 for rifle and MZ hunting. What do you think? I like the part you can drag them around.
  4. bueller

    My elevator bracket experience

    Thought I'd share my experience this weekend trying to raise a platform built with elevator brackets. Hopefully it will save someone time, money, and maybe even prevent an injury. Our platform was 8' x 8' and framed with 2' x 6' lumber. The floor was 3/4" plywood. The legs were 4' x 4' x 12'. We...
  5. B

    Shooting house windows

    I am constructing a couple of new single man box blinds. None of my existing boxes have closable windows and I want these to have them to keep out the weather and critters. Since I have never hunted out of a blind with actual see through windows I guess my question is do you usually keep the...
  6. alldaysit

    Elevated 6x6 Hunting shack

    Well I decided to pull the trigger on building a hunting shack for my property. As I have a young daughter and wife that will possibly go from time to time. And, I like the idea of being capable of hunting in any weather condition if the wind is right. I've built several such shacks over the...
  7. U

    Mobile deer blind construction.

    This fall I built a mobile blind for Jake and I to use on the mentored hunts. Our favorite field has a hump in it, so we always had to choose a blind on one side or the other. Now that we can sit almost 11 feet high, we can see both sides of the field :) We started with old running gear I got...
  8. B

    Permanent Stand Pics

    Does anyone have any pics of Permanent stands they would want to share? I plan on building one this summer for my kids to hunt out of. Would love to get some ideas of what people like/don't like. Really interested in seeing details/opinions of bases, windows, doors, interiors, ladders basically...
  9. Bluecollaroutdoors

    Building a Box Blind - Last Winters Project

    We had a couple 10/11 year olds this season in the mentor hunt, and not a lot of options for 2 people to sit in one stand. We decided to fill in a void in our coverage of the woods and add a second box blind for cold/rainy days. Here are some pics of the process. We started this project in the...